Company Policies

Payment and Refund Policy

For those registering as a couple, payment for classes is requested on the 1st day of a dance term, by cash or cheque. Make cheques payable to "Michel Dubé". If payment is preferred by Visa or MasterCard, it is by phone only, a minimum or 48 hours in advance of the commencement of a dance term (we have no mobile card reading device). Credit card payments are processed at our home office, and credit card receipts will be provided on the 1st day of a dance term or via email. If payment is preferred by E-transfer, it is requested a minimum of 48 hours in advance of the commencement of a dance term.

For those registering as a single, full payment is requested in advance of the commencement of a dance term by Visa, MasterCard, or E-transfers. Advance payment is requested to "hold your spot" in a particular class. There are limited spots for singles in each class, and it's on a first come, first served basis. Your spot is only secure after payment for the entire term is received. Registering and early payment is highly recommended.

As a single participant, you will be dancing with one of the following:

Payment for "Drop in" fees is by cash only. We reserve the right to refuse "Drop in" participants if the gender balance of the class is compromised. Payment for private lessons is by cash or cheque only. For late registrants, payment is to be made not later than their first day of class, of a scheduled 6 or 9 week dance term.

If a refund is requested, the following shall apply:

  1. If the request is made between the 1st and 2nd class of a scheduled dance term (6 or 9 classes), a refund will be granted minus a $15./person drop in fee.
  2. If the request is made between the 2nd and 3rd class of a scheduled dance term (6 or 9 classes), a refund will be granted minus a $30./person drop in fee (covering both of the first 2 classes).
  3. If the request is made after the 3rd class of a scheduled dance term (6 or 9 classes), the refund will consist of a credit note only, and to the value of the remainder of the dance term. A credit note is transferable to any party.

Practice & Make Up Classes

For those registered as a couple, we offer the option to attend other similar classes during the week. For example, if you are registered (& paid) for a Ballroom dance term, you may attend any of the other scheduled Ballroom classes during the week (during that dance term), at no additional cost. This will allow for extra time to keep up with the class, or will allow for make-up time if absenteeism is due to illness, work commitments, or vacations.

For those registered as a single, the option described above applies only if you can arrange to have a dance partner attend the make-up class with you, or if you get the instructors' approval in advance of the make-up class.

Dance Volunteers & Single Participants

We work hard to achieve a gender balance for all of our classes. For those participants who do not have a partner, we arrange to have dance partners for them: i.e. other single participants, "Dance Volunteers", or the Instructors. The male or female "Dance Volunteers" do this on their own time (for free), and use their own gas money getting to and from the Studio. They often commute in from the outskirts of HRM, and a one hour class can eat up a total of 2 hours of their time. We don't want to have them waste their time getting to the Studio, only to find out that the single participant they're going to partner, did not show. It is imperative therefore, that we get at least 24 hours notice if the single participant cannot make it to a particular class.

Gift Certificates

Dress Code & Shoes

  1. There is no dress code (casual clothing is recommended).
  2. Students are expected to carry their footwear to the classes.
  3. No street footwear on the dance floor (especially in winter).
  4. Shoes should have a smooth bottom.
  5. Dance shoes are recommended (refer to our Links page for dance shoe suppliers).
  6. Sneakers are not recommended.
  7. If footwear is an issue, wooly socks may be worn. (Socks are sometimes safer, especially for Level 1 classes).

Cancellations Due to a Weather Event

We live in Canada, and as such, students are expected to have winter tires installed on their vehicles (with studs if necessary). Every effort will be made to avoid a cancellation. A cancellation will reschedule the class to the following week, thereby prolonging the term one extra week. If a cancellation is called, it will be called not sooner than 4:00 PM on the day of the event. Notification of the cancellation will be indicated on our "no answer" telephone message. Additionally, we will notify students via phone and/or email. Cancellation will be called only if the following conditions apply:

  1. Snow has fallen to a depth of four inches (10cm) or more by 4:00 PM on the day of the event, or there is a reasonable expectation that that amount will be exceeded by 8:00 PM on the day of the event.
  2. The venue hosting the classes has shut down for the evening because of the weather event (out of our control at 1531 Grafton Street and other locations).
  3. Loss of electrical power at the venue hosting the classes.